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5 July 2005 - A page about Nijmegen.

16 March 2005 - A page about Hull.

4 February 2004 - Please note that other pages have not been updated since 2002. To be continued...

13 April 2003 - Although much has happened, these pages remained unchanged for almost one year!

24 June 2002, I started to work for Hull Time Based Arts and hope to find time soon to update this page and reveal what actually happened...

This wiki serves information and documentation of and about me, Walter van der Cruijsen. This site furthermore hosts documents that present subsets of artistic activities and communication technologies.

I have started to add more pages to this site to create a better information base. This site describes a personal collection and interpretation of both real life and net based projects and events related to arts, communities and technologies.

If you would like to add comments or content related to matter found here, please visit the Desk Organisation site or take a look at the other wikis on this server.