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ASCII Art Ensemble
European Creative Network

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New descriptions

sex, lies and websites is a research project that investigates, maps and reports on artists networks that create new forms of arts, establish infrastructures to give access to human and knowledge resources, and develop strategies to position contemporary arts in a rapidly changing technology driven society.

hackersoap is a streaming video database system, that uses a library of patterns and moving images. it reads network events to change directions within a multithreated story to create an infinite video. It uses snippits of video footage that can be assembled in multiple narrative variations. Direction changes are made when there is an outside attempt find security holes in the system.

description arts and media networks is a cultural network, a traveling exhibition and a book concept. It describes electronic communities and media labs, how online arts develops towards a new infrastructure for artists and their public. It wants to contextualize artistic activities and cultural developments through research of innovative technologies for creation, production, presentation and documentation.

Ongoing continuities... some sites are discontinued.... others are being repaired....

Setup the Bootstraplab, currently bootlab. A networked workspace for artists, activists and scientists. Ein vernetzter werkstatt fuer Kuenstler, Aktivisten und Wissenschafftler.
Institut fuer Wissen und Schaffen. Eine paritaetische platform fuer freie Kunst und Wissenschaft zur Foerderung einer offenen Gesellschaft.
Find time to study: Databases, Perl, PHP, streaming content...

Conceiving WebTV with Ambient Information Systems ltd
Designing GUI for Mondial Television ltd. The world's largest database with resources for the film and television producing community and industry.
Writing documentation for Artsonline on standards and templates for a multiuser CMS. Artsonline is a project of the Arts Council of England. Find time to write: artists, networks, mapping changes

still running This project was commissioned by the Center for Arts and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1996 for the Media Museum. The webfront offers a set of tools to navigate within an endless labyrinth and communicate with the system and other users. The last server added to the rack of salon digital servers was the Open Video Archive.

Desk Organisation running and
The dutch Thing. A directory service for artists and their organisations. The dutch Thing maps content and context into simple lists and messages. The original site was launched in 1996.