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Since 1990 I have spend most of my working life in 'media labs', or simply workspaces where people work and experiment with media, with the note that all are connected to the internet.

  • The flying Desk, Amsterdam, now split between and and I am actually the founder and it started as my private whole sale company. 1994-1997. I must say that I did not attend much other spaces the first years. The realisation of a networked media work space without funding through jobs, consultance, webdevelopment (design, programming) and site management.
  • Media lab ZKM Media Museum Karlsruhe. Work space for Salon Digital. 1997-1999. The ZKM has several medialabs. This one only gave attention to online media and strange things like 'net based arts'
  • Bootlab, Berlin, previously known as the bootstraplab or mikrolab which I co-founded.1999- The bootlab is modular environment, people produce and present, show and discuss.
  • Re-Lab, Riga, just visited once but I hope to get back soon. Rasa?. 1999
  • The Thing in New York, just jumping in now and then.1997-
  • Spent a few times at The Thing Basel, 1996-1998
  • Visited one or twice Etoy Zürich, 1997
  • Never visited backspace, London
  • Last year I worked at Mondialonline, a collection of activities, not really a medialab, but still...
  • Since labin fall 2001 I was most of the time at Ljudmila, or the Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, which is 's'loutly fabulous', but very cold in the winter.
  • Multimedia Institute in Zagreb, with it's net.culture center "mama", (cybercafé, presentation space, DJ lounge). Just recently started a residency program and establishes a medialab. I will be here until May, co-organising a "week of new media culture" - working title.
More will follow...

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