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An alternative and personal directory to arts, culture and media in Hull.

The Arts and artists in Hull

In no particular order, possibly incomplete.

In Hull there is a relatively small network of artists and some old staff members of the Art School (University of Lincoln). There are only two galleries in Hull and there is not much space for contemporary arts and artistic practices. There are courses and some higher education of the colleges and both Universities.

The fine arts department of the School for Art and Design closed last year, and the EICH gallery closed this week. The city hosts a few public collections. Hull College has expanded its arts foundation courses.

Hull Time Based Arts - An originally artists led organisation. Currently an agency that presents and commissions within the framework of timebased arts and media, performance, social projects and new technologies. Since 1982.

ArtLink Exchange - Community Arts since 1980.

RED Gallery - Independent art gallery.

The Humber Mouth - Hull Literature Festival, mainly poetry en led by poet Maggie Hannan.

Independent Art School - Critical Discourse.

Hull Film - three short film festivals until 2004. A new festival is planned for June.

Illegal Media - An irregular periodical about art, experience and communication.

The Kingston Rowing Club - Paul Burwell's home theatre and artists nest.

SlackVideo - Experimental and Narrative Cinema

Hull Art Lab - A recently founded artists led organisation with a large warehouse space for performance and installation.

Kingston upon Hull City Council: City Arts Unit Local government, strong focus on literature, community and education.

Hull School of Art & Design - There is a history about this school, which is part of the University of Lincoln. The fine art department has recently moved away to Lincoln. The original institute for arts and science was founded in the 1840s.

Ferens Art Gallery - European old masters and old and contemporary British art. One of the eight city museums that are mostly free en well visited.

European Illustration Collection Hull has unfortunately opened its last exhibtion in March 2005.

University of Hull: Art Collection

Hull Truck Theatre Popular theatre company.

Hull Jazz Festival