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more fodder for discussion:

- definitions of art - definitions of free and open - word play ...


the freedom to copy and alter works of art to create new works of art, or to reuse in other forms. copyleft as a license for freedom of expression and information.

creating artworks, writing down ideas, concepts that are not sold, but converted to a media project, where the artistic idea has no value, instead paid work for the production of the output.

the artistic idea, the art work

- sampling culture; copy, paste and authorship - creative tools for the reader/observer/audience - bridging trans cultural identities and global justice


- the artist

as an artist, i create art, that can be resampled, reused in other projects and forms. i contribute by creating content, images, code, readable text that can trigger new media works. i do not sell my art, but merely copies, alterations, clones or fragments of my art.

- the producer

as a producer, my world is ruled by the current. if i do not have the means to support the artist and distribute the work, the work de facto does not exist. therefor i create as well. not art, but an audience, which helps the art and artist to sustain in a public domain.

- the curator

as a curator, i wish to put different positions in a global, historical maybe, perspective. i reuse the works of arts to create an environment which consists of relationships, environments and connections.

- the audience

as an audience, i want unlimited access to all resources for art, poetry and expression. i want the freedom to reuse and sample these resources for my own use and own experience.