This is not what I mean. The "Open Source Content Management Systems" panel has veiled itself in secrecy until recently. What Herbert Meyer now presents there, looks like a serious free CMS summit, the first of its kind, to my knowledge. Not only will the seven CMSs deemed most interesting after a careful survey present themselves on the panel and in individual tutorials, and discuss different approaches to common design issues in a joint workshop, this track will also be the launch of an even more ambitious project. 'Free Online Systems' ( will be a demo and evaluation environment for, well, online systems under a free license. At the WOS2, the FOS team (Thomax Kaulmann, Heiko Recktenwald and Herbert A. Meyer) will conduct a study of four selected CMSs. They will collect as much multimedia content as they can get their hands on, and process it four times in parallel to see how the CMSs compare in usage and performance.
Volker Grassmuck, 07Oct01

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