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penalize spambots by teergrubbing

Teergrubbing (wikipedia) is the act of stealing resources from spammers so their spambots become less effective.

When spambots update a page on a wiki they probably don't wait for the response, so we cannot engage them immediately - we will need to remember their ip-number in a blacklist.

When they revisit at a later time we can start to pester them in two ways:

  1. keep the connection open as long as possible (days) since connections are a limited (but not small) resource on the spamming machine. If a spambot has a limited set of threads we put pressure on that resource as well.
  2. very slowly feed an endless stream of data into the connection, this will require the bot to allocate more and more resources for page buffer. If a spambot heuristically scans for text entry fields in a html page we might want to hand it an endless set of form fields (it has to remember them all for in a POST command, one of them might contain a session number) but no text entry fields. We have to do this slowly so we don't saturate our own internet connection (which could be quite costly too).

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