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Uiuc WikiWorks upgrade

This is a temporary project wiki, we are going to upgrade WikiWorks so that both the UIUC wiki and the Desk wiki can better resist the spam onslaught.

Find the RSS feed here.

The UIUC wiki is running WikiWorks (version?) on VW5i4 with two patches created by John Brant:

  1. added a password to the file upload area
  2. added a word blacklist. If somebody edits a page so it contains one of these words (normally, URLs), the edit is silently dropped. It does not do any tracking of IP addresses. The initial set of blacklisted words was gathered by looking at reverted pages in the existing wikis. If a page was reverted to a previous version, then all new http links in the reverted page was added to the word blacklist.
The Desk wiki is running WikiWorks 6.5.0 with an amorphous set of 'Desk patches', most visibly the addition of RSS feeds. You can find a parcel with these patches in the download area.

Hard goals:

Soft goals: Nice ideas I won't be implementing in this project:

Activity burndown list

Reinout Heeck

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