wvdc london

I have been traveling since september 2000, landed in London, became an ambient broadbandit and work since one month for Mondialonline. Some talks are underway with Hull Time Based Arts, the Arts Council of England and others about future projects.
There are still on-going projects in Berlin and in Amsterdam.

For Mondialonline, I will work most of 2001 to develop an online transaction environment for the audio, video and multi-media industry. It is basically a multiuser database and content provider with many tools to search, transact and publish anything from text to bitmaps to streams. I have developed a filemaker relational database and about to rebuild the thing using MySQL and something for a proper web interface.

With Ambient Information Systems, in particular Manu Luksch, I develop a set of tools to create web enabled tv using broadband ip. Our first pilot is Virtual Borders a documentary about the Akha culture in a multinational south-east Asia, which is aimed for the second half of april. Furthermore, we want to bring a channel using braodband technology providing realtime interaction and high quality content.

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