mpeg video metafiles

Que sais je de "video/vnd.mpegurl", "video/x-mpegurl", "mxu" and "m4u"?

IANA doc, old, meanwhile, this is some years ago, they are not updating ftp anymore, we have "m4u" too, audio/x-mpegurl and m3u and video/vnd.mpegurl and mxu are in Apache (mime.types-dist)

It is now "The MPEG Video Playlist game".......

See also the "MPEG Video Player" game. Two games, one direction, there was a broken link.

If we were all living in California

A bigger splash, a pool of vendors.

See, for example, MPEG 1 Video in MPEG Audio playlist (audio/x-mpegurl)

Should work with Windows Media Player out of the box.

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Et voila:

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