The Digital City

The Digital City (DDS) started to my knowledge in-and-around Hacking at the End of the Universe. It was then taken by people from De Balie and Hacktic, latter started XS4ALL parallel to DDS,. Many involvement from mostly independent groups, artists and culture organisations. DDS initiated public interest and offered internet access and a portal with user-input, for free in 1994.

DDS's first graphic interface, created in HyperCard and carefully used in Mosaic 1.03. First DDS was mail, archie, talk, muds, nn, gopher. Early DDS buildup was a series of talks, events and work-in-progress. This image reflects a moment in the discussions and a clickmap, with text, sound, images and quicktime movies. I also created a Citylogo, which was part of small exhibit 'Stadswapens' in the Temporary Museum of DDS.

© Walter van der Cruijsen 1994

Version 6 by at April 20, 2001