Known arts, media arts and culture networks.
abbr./linkfull nameorigin/locationsinceshort description
ECBEuropean Cultural BackboneAmsterdam, Netherlands / Vienna, Austria1997"... is a coalition of mediacultural institutions and individuals working together to creatively use and develop participatory media for social change."
ENCARTEuropan Network for Cyber ArtLinz, Austria1997"... as a common platform using high bandwidth network connections for Artists in Residence programs and for the joint distribution of seminars, lectures, workshops and in the long term as shared workspace for the realization of artworks."
NICENetwork Interface for Cultural ExchangeHelsinki, FinlandNovember 1- 4, 1999Organises regular meetings "on cultural policy and new media development in the region of the Baltic Sea & North-East Europe"
I_CANInternational Contemporary Art Network AssociationAmsterdam, Netherlands2000"... mission is to be an open platform for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration in the field of contemporary art, involving artists, critics, curators and other art professionals and institutions form Central and Eastern Europe."
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ECUNETEuropean Cultural NetworkHelsinki, FinlandNovember 10-14, 1999"... a seminar about Cultural Youth Work as a Measure in Combat against social excusion, ...". Last in Strassbourg. Ao.
PONTESEuropean Cultural NetworkKrk, Croatia1995"... Our aim is to help in building a new Europe, which could overcome the lack of communication between former Western and Eastern Europe."
EURANEuropean Art NetworksStockholm, Sweden?Site is off?
EDMNEuropean Digital Media Network?2000?Network of media art festivals and institutions


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