Regarding the conf in december:

proposed format: 2 day workshop:


  • to exchange information on local and regional issues, artists practice, cultural policies, media strategies...
  • to discuss opportunities for cooperation and collaboration, infrastructure, projects etc.
  • to create a document which functions as a international cultural agreement
  • to plan further activities to establish the network

relevant issues:

  • human interfacing, adding contacts and their documentation to our system...
  • presenting and discussing the regional and local networks...
  • human resources, sharing, collaboration, to support/present/produce arts and culture in the context of media and communication technology
  • broad media strategies, shared programming, joint fund raising, archiving, publishing, broadcasting

proposed invitees:

  • rasa smite, re-lab/rixc, riga, latvia
  • maria riskova, bratislava, buryzone, slowakia
  • lelja hodzic, scca, sarajewo, bosnia hercegovina
  • zeljko blace, mama, zagreb, kroatia
  • keiko sei (or kristoph, NoD?), prague, czech republik
  • brigitte wasserman,, graz, austria
  • ?, kibla, maribor, slovenia
  • ?, kuda, novi sad, serbia
  • ?, estonia, litvania, poland, white russia, moldavia, russia, ukraine, rumenia, bulgaria, albania, greece, italy?
  • ?, other baltic countries
  • for ecb, nat mueller (v2, rotterdam netherlands) whereas v2 is also part of encart


Version 2 by at March 2, 2004