digital art cities

see also european creative network

short description

  • to build a network organisation with five 'media labs'* based in five cities in the 'eastern' european area. the network organisation enables joint production, programming, planning, research and development and fund raising. it wants to share resources, people, knowledge, data.
  • the network researches in '', or 'net based art', and 'media culture'. it documents both artistic and cultural production in society driven by media technology. it develops a toolbox for cultural managers, programme directors and creative producers.
  • the five media labs work together to improve support of producers of and media culture. they each collaborate with their local and regional organisations in arts, media, society and technology.
  • current cities are ljudmila in ljubljana, umelec in prag, rixc in riga, in sarajewo and mama media in zagreb. other cities may be added in the future. every partner is a point of convergence. each partner should link local institutions, initiatives, art(ists) and industry.
  • the project is curated, presented and co-ordinated by walter van der cruijsen. short term working method: roundtable concept, archiving, communication.

immediate goals

  • to get agreements with the partners and their partners.
  • to establish research positions for two persons on each location.
  • to create a database for output into print, media, web, video etc.

work structure

  • each media lab hosts a couple of one researcher and one artist.
  • first year: create a communication platform for local organisations. talks
  • second year: ditto for the regional infrastructure. talks, publication
  • third year: the international exchange network. talks, presentation, publication.
the project is curated, presented and co-ordinated by walter van der cruijsen.

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