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The T-shirt

We need to commemorate this historic event with a T-shirt. Question is, what kind? Snappy logo with a catchy phrase? Group picture? We can surely get them made in SD if we decide early. Donald MacQueen

I'd favor something with the original Smalltalk balloon picture, since it is a public domain GIF. Ralph Johnson

I'd go for something like one of those 'jim' cartoon shirts- a drawing of jim at the computer, hand on mouse, looking into the monitor ( which we see from behind, so that jim's "face" is visible ), and jim himself wearing a T-shirt with the only color in the picture: the famous balloon. The caption would be something understated like "I've been using Smalltalk for decades, and it's been ok". Les Tyrrell

Actually... what would make this cool would be if there was no T-Shirt, but everyone had one. IOW, I think everybody should make their own T-shirt. Kind of like a little creativity contest. We don't need THE T-Shirt, we need lots of T-Shirts. We could have everyone wear theirs on the same day. Travis Griggs

The Object People will be generously making and giving out a number of shirts (I think the number is 50, which unfortunately looks like it won't be quite enough for everybody). However, I think it's a great idea for there to be lots of other shirts too. -- Alan Knight

Q: where can I get a "knigh of " T-shirt - I must have one !! Claus Gittinger

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