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Software and Configuration

There is certain to be some time lost just getting computers connected and configured. That time would be minimized if we had CD's on-hand with install programs and any software that is to be shared with the group.

It seems it would be good to bring:

I'll bring about 50 CDs with GSNC 5.1.3 for Linux. I'll also bring the latest pre-release of GBS 5.1.4 that will work as a GemStone Client for VA and VW on many platforms (not just Linux). I'll also have one CDROM with several Smalltalk dialects that I was able to download over the web:

I might be able to burn a dozen or so CDs with whatever people would like to distribute at the Camp. Although, we might not need the CDs once we have our network configured.

Paul Baumann

Paul, good idea! Squeak is up to 2.7 now. For our purposes, it would probably be a good idea to get Squeak 2.7, update it to 2.8a as detailed at minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/982, and put that on the CD.

While on the subject of CDs, it would be great if someone from Cincom brought a bunch of VW5i.1 and VW3.0 NC CDs, and someone from IBM brought a bunch of VA Try and Buy CDs. -Bob Hartwig

I'll be bringing about 50 VA ST 5.0 Try & Buy CDs. -John O'Keefe
Eliot's working on bringing 50 VWNC CDs. -Peter Hatch
I have cut 40, and the VW XML Framework is finally available. Eliot Miranda.
I have the latest versions of SUnit for all dialects except for QKS and St/X. I also have an ANSI version in SIF. Since they all fit on one floppy (amazing how far Kent got on 4 classes and a dozen methods ;-), there shouldn't be any problem copying them around. Joseph Pelrine
I think everyone should bring a copy of VNC server and viewer installed on their system. We can collaborate over the network by using the shared mode of VNC to share a common desktop. It's a bit like pcANYWHERE, but it is cross platform (Macintosh, Windows, X-WIndows, Java). Very cool. Mark Schwenk

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