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There's been discussion that we should attempt to leverage this event as an opportunity to get some Smalltalk exposure, particularly with respect to open source. I (Alan Knight) spoke to our publicist. We can put a link on our web site. Other companies can do the same. Beyond that, she immediately asked if we had a web page, and I'm pretty sure we don't in the sense that she wants one. We need something glitzier so that a journalist can extract information quickly.

Next question was where do Smalltalker's hang out on the web, i.e. where should we be trying to get this information publicized. So, we need a ListOfSitesToPublicizeAt.

Then we need something for people to read. Here's a first attempt at a PressRelease, though it actually reads more like something a journalist would (I hope) write as an end-product rather than a press release.

Here is a second possible press release that is a bit more positive than the first.

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