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INDELV's response about Kazuki Yasumatsu's copyright

> The Smallwalker code has a copyright by Kazuki Yasumatsu, which does not
> appear in Indelv version. What allows Indelv to not credit Kazuki's
> copyright? This brings issue of the copyright of the code produced at Camp
> Smalltalk. Will we use an open source copyright? if so which one?

We asked Kazuki how he wanted us to reference his work and he indicated that a note in the installation notes would be fine (which we have done). An alternative would be for him to become original developer under the Mozilla license, however that would mean extra work for him and possibly legal responsibilities. He said his only concern was that the resulting code remained open source.

We feel the same way about any work your group does on xsl. If you can leverage our library in any way great, but it should not be required. You can make a standalone xslt library that requires a dom / parser plugin, of which InDelv is simply one choice (although the only one right now).

Wrt licenses, I recommend that you look at two alternatives - the Mozilla license we use and the gnu license. I'm no lawyer, but we have had comments that the gnu license is less restrictive for contributors. At the end of the day, commercial users are usually happy to use either one.

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