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CS8 Oregon 2004


Camp Smalltalk Oregon 2004 had over 20 participants -- hopefully some of them will post trip reports here.

Here's the information about CS2004, most of it from before Camp.

For details, see the announcement below.


(updated July 12)

I'm pleased to announce that we will be holding a Camp Smalltalk from July 18-23 2004 in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon, USA.

If you want to make a reservation, see below for details.

The basics:

What: Camp Smalltalk. Smalltalk enthusiasts spending several days in small groups collaborating on a number of open-source projects to benefit the Smalltalk community. All Smalltalk dialects welcome. For more details, see campsmalltalk.com.

Who: Smalltalk enthusiasts. All experience levels are welcome, from "Using Smalltalk for more than 20 years" to "Fascinated by Smalltalk, but never really used it."

When: Afternoon of Sunday, July 18, through midday Friday, July 23

Where: McMenamins Edgefield Troutdale, OR, USA mcmenamins.com/Edge/index.html

How Much: The main cost is the lodging and meals package at Edgefield. You're responsible for getting yourself there. All prices given include room, meals, gratuities, and tax for all five nights, and are in $US.

Suites with bath are sold out

There are very few rooms with two beds -- if you want one of these rooms register soon. (There may still be a small number of two-bed rooms available! First come, first served.)

Facility Details:


McMenamins Edgefield, Troutdale, OR, USA mcmenamins.com/Edge/map.html A 15 minute drive east of PDX, the Portland Airport It's right on the edge of the Portland Metro area, five minutes from the hiking and waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge. It's easy to reach by public transit from either PDX or downtown.

General Feel

A private brewpub-based resort at a lovingly and quirkily restored historic campus of buildings -- lodgings, restaurants, brewpubs, winery, gardens, movie theatre, and more. Even a little golf course. Filled inside and out with interesting artwork mcmenamins.com/Edge/art.html. Even a working hot glass studio on the grounds. Hillside location with views across the Columbia River.

Work Room

We'll be in the main ballroom, which is generously sized (36x68 feet, 11x20m), on the second floor of the main lodge, with many windows on three sides and a huge mural on the walls. The view is away from the river.

Sleeping Rooms

Mostly European-style rooms, with private baths down the hall. Some suites with bath are available at a higher rate (see above). Most rooms have one bed. A few two-bed rooms are available -- send in a deposit soon if you want one of these.


Meals are included with room. If we eat in fairly small groups in their restaurants, they'll give us vouchers good for up to a specified amount for each meal. The Black Rabbit Restaurant mcmenamins.com/Edge/brabbit.html is very good, and the Power Station Pub mcmenamins.com/Edge/pub.html also has good stuff. Voucher amounts will be $10.50 for breakfast, $16.95 for lunch, $26.25 for supper.


On-site: Golf, evening movies, wandering around looking at interesting stuff (brewery, winery, distillery, artwork).

Fairly short drive: The Columbia River Gorge www.fs.fed.us/r6/columbia/forest, with hikes and viewpoints for amazing waterfalls and volcanic cores, Bonneville Dam, mountain viewpoints and more hikes. About the same distance to downtown Portland.

Longer drive: Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, boardsailing or kitesailing on the Columbia, etc., etc.


To register, since it's just a few days until Camp, Email martin.mcclure@gemstone.com and say you want to attend.

We cannot actually reserve your room until we receive your deposit. Rooms are being assigned in the order deposits are received. When they're gone, they're gone.

For details, check the FAQ below, or the latest info at campsmalltalk.com


--- Can I pay by credit card or purchase order?

Unfortunately, no.

We are using Edgefield's special "midweek retreat" package, so they cannot accept payment directly from individual participants. We must make lump payments, so an individual is coordinating the payments.

--- When will the remainder of the payment be due?

Final payment is due at the start of Camp Smalltalk, on July 18. Again, check or money order in US$.

--- What if I can't make a commitment now, but I decide later that I can attend?

Since the March 5 early registration deadline, no more rooms are being held for us. There are currently rooms available. You may reserve one or more of these rooms by sending a deposit. As of June 17, a few rooms are still available.

See above for how to send a deposit.

--- Is my deposit refundable?

If you send a deposit and no rooms are available, your deposit will be refunded.

If you have to cancel after registering, we will try to transfer your registration to someone who registers later. If that is possible, you'll get your deposit back. If not, you will not get your money back.

--- Can I participate in the Camp Smalltalk sessions without staying at Edgefield?

Yes, provided we have enough people in paid sleeping rooms.

If you are not staying at Edgefield, you can still buy meals at the Edgefield restaurant or pub.

If you plan to attend but not stay at Edgefield, please send email to Martin.

--- What if I have more questions?

Get the latest info at campsmalltalk.com or Email martin.mcclure@gemstone.com

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