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Adriaan van Os

Hi, This is my Camp Smalltalk page, in case you missed it. I'm working with Smalltalk at Soops since late 1995. Currently working on a research framework using VisualWorks and GemStone. The framework allows you to define reusable temporal models. On top of these models you can define applications to enter (temporal) data. It includes a workflow system which can launch internal and external applications, in any order as defined in the workflow. Eventually, we expect to have some billions of persistent objects. We are also studying the possibilities to make the framework commercially available. The project has been presented at ESUG 2004, Smalltalk Solutions 2005 and ESUG 2005.

My involvements at the camps:

CS5, CS7 and CS9: I'm in the Custom Refactorings and Rewrite Editor Usability team enhancing the RewriteRuleEditor

CS3: I joined the Smalltalk Numerical Methods project

CS2: I added a little to the Smalltalk Web Services project.

Check out my Smalltalk Events Photo Gallery.

a3aan at xs4all dot nl

"I've got no wisdom that I want to pass on." - JC

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