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Look at Recent Changes to watch this wiki develop (RSS here).

This wiki is a companion to the BodyBuilder project at SourceForge.

If you want to follow the development sign up to the mailing list.

If you want to contribute you must be free to 'give away' your code since the BodyBuilder license is the famous 'new BSD' license.

Packaging BOF at Smalltalk Solutions 2006.

This wiki is currently empty, running up to StS2006 I hope to post the various scripts people have sent me as example of their current build automation. I also intend to provide a description of the PackageBot client/server system in use at Soops which is in dire need of a redesign.

For the moment I'll simply point you to SCons which is a system that shares several properties with what I have in mind for BodyBuilder.

A list of other interesting build systems.

If you (or your shop) has done any significant build automation on VW I would love it if you created a page here with a short 'war story' on what you have, how you use it and snags encountered. Even if you don't intend to join the BodyBuilder project I would greatly appreciate it if you write up your experiences here so we can get a feel for what is desired. See the Wiki Syntax page for editing hints.

Existing solutions/war stories:

Below this line seems a nice spot to start a short list of requirements you have for such a project, feel free to add/edit:

The PackageBot already looks like a cool approach. Unfortunately, I can't attend the conference in Canada, so I'd like to contribute some design ideas here, or on the list, or elsewhere. The most important things, from my experience, are:

I've written a few useful classes (CodeComponentCollector, ParcelBuilder, OSBatchManager) I'd like to contribute to the discussion - let me know.

Andre Schnoor andre_dot_schnoor_AT_web.de

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