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Amstug meeting Jan 2003

Date: 6 jan 2003 Time: 19.30 - 22.00

Location: Peter's place

Meeting Report

Present: Mari, Tom, Job, Peter

  1. For the Friday Afternoon session of the 17th we will not seek to give a presentation, but will make a flyer with some info about our activities, which we will offer to the attendees and use in talking with them about what we do. Who will make this has yet to be decided.
  2. We will also look out for attendees who live in (the vicinity of) Amsterdam so we may contact new members who can contribute to our activities.
  3. Peter and Job demo'd the standard browser plus the portable type system objects, which we will use in the automated compliance testing procedures.
  4. Mari had to leave, after which we discussed how to proceed with the work, and we identified the following activities: - begin testing a dialect from the standard global names: Reinout, - begin testing a dialect from literal objects specified by the standard: Tom, - begin testing a dialect from all the objects present in a clean image: Job and Peter, Mari: please join any of these activities.
  5. we didn't do the sort order objects demo; that will be for another time.
Thanks everyone and until the 17th/next time. Next Monday meeting is February 3rd. And let's try to do a coding day during the last week of January.

End Meeting Report


  1. Short demo standard browser
  2. Plan development day(s)
  3. Plan presentation/material for FAS
  4. Show & Tell: "Using sort order objects instead of sort blocks"
  5. ...
I will give a short demo of the standard browser in its updated form, but I really want to have a plan for writing the type verification code.

Therefore, I would like to ask everyone to bring their diaries (this is a good reason to make sure you have one for 2003 ;-), so we can plan at least one day of development in January. We always knew Deecmber would be busy, but January should be fine. It seems reasonable that we would work on something to demo at the Friday Afternoon Session (FAS).

Apart from that, it might be nice to show some of the techniques we have used/developed for the portable application framework that the standard browser os built on. It will be good to get feedback from the group so we can all learn something. I plan to do a Show & Tell "Using sort order objects instead of sort blocks".

I am also very interested for others to show elements of their work. Things that they are really proud of would be nice, but big embarrassments could be instructive, too.

See you January 6th and a Happy New Year to all!

Peter van Rooijen

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