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Amstug meeting Dec 2002

Notes Amstug meeting Dec 2002

Mari(ca) was our hostess this evening. Thanks Marica!



Everyone is working with either VW or VA so with only two dialects we will wait until we have code exchange problems that are bigger than we are willing to bear before we are going to devote group resources to solving them. Until then everyone will publish code at least in native format and optionally in other formats too.

To Do

Job and Peter will complete the type system domain objects export (code and object files), so the objects contain all required information for type-verifying all messages. This includes encoding the tables for the messages with dynamic return types (dependent on the types of the participating objects).

Reinout will set up a web context ;-) at http://amstug.desk.org, thanks Reinout!

Someone will approach someone at some company with a plan that will give Amstug access to the official commercial VW distribution for Amstug work. This needs to be concretized, it seems :-).


For the foreseeable future, is has been decided that money is not a problem; it just has to be there.

Should we at some point have the opportunity to get money for Amstug products/services, we would be happy to use that to finance Amstug activities. So if some of our work will turn out to have significant commercial value, we will not see that as a problem. Remember that the code from Amstug projects will be published without usage restrictions from our side.

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