available hardware
other then Lamparna space at it's best:
for details contact or mobile 00 385 91 6272355

  • simple mixer with 2CD players (jogg control for pitch)
  • 2 turntables (not Technics) missing both needle and "head"

    from "mama":

  • 1 Technics turntable
  • Yamaha Mixing desk 01V (16 cahannels ?)
  • really good video projector (high res and over 1100 Lux)
  • crapy video projector which gets worse every day ...
    (rgb is not in sync) so only one (Red or Green or Blue) color txt is readable;)

    please list your name+email here, and which party tools you'll bring along to put to use ;-]


    a/v telejam partners
    Sneha Solenki

    /// nova + linefeed (luka & luka) ::

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