Strategies for innovation: Digital heritage in mash-ups Enhanced interoperability Access to cultural heritage through visualisation (3d, gaming etc.) From secured playgrounds into the open web Open everything (standards, source, ID etc.) Services and tools: always in a beta stage? Strategies for collaboration Opportunities for on line collaboration The value of interdisciplinary co-operation (culture, science and business) The relevance of national and regional portals User involvement The role of the creative industries

Strategies for the unwired future Heritage on mobile devices Culture on the map / Geoweb Locative media Interfacing for crossmedia Business strategies New roles versus old roles Understanding use patterns Changing perspectives on collections Hybrid business models Achieving sustainability and permanent access From crowd sourcing to crowd funding Cost reduction through shared services Restrictions and opportunities through IPR Management strategies Creating favorable conditions for innovation The impact of the digital front office on the back office Managing your digital assets Measuring your digital collections Investing in staff competencies

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