'''QueerOS - where no OS has 'performed' before...'''

== summary == Queer Operating System is an investigative effort in technical and cultural re-conceptualizing of desktop operating systems. It serves both as de-normalized technological environment and daily toolset/accesoire for queers and queer curious.

It is using off the shelf Free/Libre/Open Source Software and newly developed code and compiled content. It is set to reconceptualise paradigms, metaphores, workflows and interaction from perspective of queer theory and performative capacities of software for satisfing the needs of radical faries and fags.

= concept = QueerOS is an idea of developing a Queer Operating System, that would be made from existing software bits and pieces (customized distribution of HAIKU operating System), custom software development and comiled content in order test a social/cultural/technical boundaries of contemporary software production and use in the niche.

== plan ==

  1. initiate PR efforts through a website that would announce existence of such effort and advertise within LGBTQ communities:
    1. Organize on-line community around forums and open discussions for brainstorming and suggestions, in order to feed these ideas into future development process
  2. Try to attract developers from LGBTQ community who could take on this effort and start committing to specific tasks (commission much needed parts)
  3. customise existing software (to the the level of unrecognizably) and tune to the needs of potential LGBTQ users ...try to focus on needs of targeted market as if it exists and is commercialy viable.
  4. develop new visual/sonic/tactile experience by use of hyper-functional approach in design, avoiding metaphoric skining (over simplified camp or posh style, but go for sophisticated)
  5. consider development of custom protocols and solutions that would enable higher levels of coherence and more efficient interaction within different LGBTQ interest groups relating to their codes (like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handkerchief_code).
  6. Market the QueerOS on-line in sustainable model with as little costs as possible.

== tech ideas ==

= context =

== Digital Arts community ==

== BeOS/HAIKU community ==

= participants =

= history = Back in late 90ties Željko Blaće as technology enthusiast explored multiple operating systems for media production and initiated Croatian BeOS Group. Few years later Operating systems became a common discussion topic among tech savy individuals as GNU/Linux was emerging from obscurity and key desktop OS producers Microsoft and Apple seemed to be in the war. However neither inovated as much the field as did BeOS, who due to financial constrains remained outsider that inspired few creative individuals who appreciated it elegance in system architecture and interface design. Daniel Fischer who was a BeOS developer and collaborator on some of the projects Multimedia Institute was involved in shared the same ideas.

In discussions over market shares, possitions, features and PR/marketing strategies in OS market with Marcell Mars (coleague from Multimedia Institute) ideas of what and how QueerOS could be emerged and became a topic of on and off brainstorming sessions...eventualy leading to first articulation on ASU2Wiki for ReadME festival proposal http://desk.org:8080/ASU2/HISTORY/pro.QueerOS.

= dedicated to ALAN TURING = Turing Program: Alan Turing Biography The Turing Program is named in honor of Alan Turing, generally acknowledged as the founder of computer science. He invented a computer precursor called the Turing machine and was the chief scientific figure in Allied codebreaking during World War II, responsible for cracking the U-Boat Enigma system, vital to the Atlantic war.

Turing was put on trial for consensual gay sex and was sentenced to take hormone pills. Turing was very open and honest as a gay man and took a defiant attitude. His being gay resulting in his being regarded as a security risk, and this perhaps more than the hormone treatment was the background to his suicide by eating a poisoned apple.

Additional Information: Andrew Hodges, author of the definitive Turing biography entitled Alan Turing: The Enigma, has created an excellent web site with many Turing resources at http://www.turing.org.uk. Many thanks to Andrew for his comments on the Turing section of this site.

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