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September 8th - 15th, 2001
KUC "Lamparna," Rudarska 1, 52220 Labin, CROATIA





20:00-21:30 Hello and Food

21:30-22:30 ASU2: Meet the Organizers, Meet the .plan
Zeljko Blace, LABinary (HR), Joanne Richardson, Nina Czegledy
Partners: Ljudmila (SI), (BA) & Multimedia Institute, mi2 (HR)

22:30-23:30 ASU1 Organizers
Manu Luksch & Armin Medosch, presentation of ASU1 video

23:30-> Night Program
Video Screening: Nina Czegledy and Iliyana Nedkova, presentation of Crossing Over shorts
DJ/VJs: Luka Frelih, Luka Princic (DJ Nova), Ljudmila


SUNDAY, Sept 9


9:30-10:15 Overview presentation of funding institutions and alternatives
Nina Czegledy, Eric Kluitenberg

10:15-14:30 Scales: Big institutions > > > newly established spaces
Moderators: Joanne Richardson & Maria Riskova

Is big bad, and small beautiful? An "institution," true to its etymological significance, is an act of founding, which can also be an act of self-founding. Are institutions necessarily bureaucratic bodies? When does an institution become a bureaucracy-does it have to do with the size of its organization, the duration of its existence?

1. Presentations/discussions:
Eric Kluitenberg, De Balie (NL), Nat Muller, V2 (NL), Balazs Beothy, C3 (HU), Spela Kucan, Ljudmila (SI), Samir Culic, (BH), Tania Gorucheva, Moscow Media Art Lab (RU)

2. Presentations/discussions:
Krassi Terziev, Interspace (BG), Csilla Konczei, Casa Tranzit (RO), Teodor Celakoski and Marcell Mars, Mi2 (HR), Zoran Pantelic and Kristian Lukic, (YU), Andraz Tori, Cyberpipe (SI)

14:30-17:00 Break

17:00-21:00 Models: "Occupation," sponsorship, self-sustainability
Moderators: Zeljko Blace & Micz Flor

What are the relations between autonomous institutions and funding sources, sponsorship, governmental interests? Competing models: squats, government sponsorship, external foundations, and self-sustainable alternatives-membership, entrance fees … going commercial?

1. Presentations/discussions:
Tomaz Trplan, Metelkova (SI), Marko Vukovic, Autonomous Culture Factory (HR), Emanuelle Bozzo, Forte Prenestino (IT), Hrvoje Stanic, ASCII (NL) {remote, TBC}

2. Presentations/discussions:
Vanni Brusadin, Salara (IT), Maria Riskova, Buryzone (SK), Radka Mullerova, Nadrazi (CZ), Walter van der Crujisen, Mikro, Bootlab (DE), Heath Bunting, Cube (UK)

21:00-23:00 Supper Break

23:00-> Night Program
Video Presentation
Live act: Zvuk Broda, (



MONDAY, Sept 10


9:30-14:30 Service > Content > Community
Moderators: Zeljko Blace & Armin Medosch

What service do servers provide--does the service create a content, does content automatically create a community? What is the content of listservs--the act of communication itself? How do alternative broadcasting systems create new public spheres? How "global" are virtual communities? Are they self-sufficient without the periodic organization of meetspaces?

1. Presentations/discussions:
Walter van der Crujisen, (NL), Ricardo Dominguez, Thing (US), Alex Galloway, Rhizome (US), Heath Bunting, Irational (UK), Hans Bernhard, Silver Server (AT), Spela Kucan, Ljudmila (SI), Balazs Beothy

Tony Prug, IndyMedia (UK), Tora Krogh and Sylvia Corti, Candida TV (IT), Alexander Baratsits, Radio FRO (AT), Adam Hyde, radioqualia (NZ), Jan Bruggemeier, Ping FM (DE), Daniel Molnar, Pararadio (HU)

14:30-17:00 Break

17:00-21:00 Boundaries, Minorities, Mobile Projects
Moderators: Eric Kluitenberg & Joanne Richardson

The re-emergence of boundaries. Do regional networks transcend isolation or reaffirm it in a regional context? Independent spaces founded as/with specific projects for minorities... How do recent mobile projects in which communities travel across territories differ from the so-called disappearing boundaries of

1. Presentations/discussions:
Csilla Konczei, Tranzit (RO), Alexander Baratsits, Radio FRO (AT) …?

2. Presentations/discussions (regional networks):
Tania Gorucheva, NICE, Kestutis Andrausinas, BIN, Dean Zahtila, BAN TBC, Nat Muller, Encart

3. Presentations/discussions (mobile projects):
Joanne Richardson;Nina Czegledy, Crossing Over & ISEA; m-NICE

21:00-23:00 Supper Break

23:00-> Night Program
Tetsuo Kogawa web cast



TUESDAY, Sept 11


9:30-14:00 Server Workshops
Coordinators: ASCII & LUGs

DIY (do it yourself) web server

Overview of Linux system, installing and running a webserver

Demo of QNX

14:00-17:00 Break

17:00-21:00 Net Economy
Moderators: Nina Czegledy & Krassi Terziev
(Presentations: Heath Bunting, Kristian Lukic, Balazs Beothy, Simon Worthington, Micz Flor, Patrice Riemens, Eric Kluitenberg)

Does net space represent a transformation of commodity logic and its inherent separation between production, distribution, and consumption? How does the influence of sponsorship affect the mode of production of digital media? What is the value of collaboration and the possible convergences between art, activism, education, technology?

Is net distribution a way of bypassing intermediaries? How do venues and spaces influence the content and presentation of net projects? Is the internet a communication medium rather than a venue?

In what ways has the net transformed the relations of ownership and copyright. Copyleft and open source as new paradigms of a gift economy?

21:00-23:00 Supper break

23:00-> Night Program
Performance: Ricardo Dominguez
Pararadio program






9:30-14:00 Server Workshops
Coordinators: CAMP (Flor & Kummerer), Walter van der Crujisen, ASCII

Dynamic backends overview

Services: groupware, chats, mailing lists … finally, virtual desktop!

Directories, knowledge databases (DMOZ org/…

14:00-17:00 Break

17:00-21:00 Database Ontology, Web Aesthetics
Moderators: Kestutis Andrasiunas & Alex Galloway

(Zoran Pantelic, Christoph Kummerer, Marek Tuszynski TBC)

How do classical relations between form and function apply to digital media? If digital technology moves in one direction--"more"--is there an imperative toward developing a "minimalist" media? Ethical dimension of form, responsibility to audiences, forms of scalability and accessibility …

(Manu Luksch, Tomax Kaulmann & Frank Kunkel, …)

Has the dominance of the database model produced a new ontology, a paradigm shift replacing the old narrative perceptual apparatus that was a legacy of film? Convergences of film and database, models of digital archives, database driven servers …

Pixel Publishing
(Slavo Krekovic, 3/4 review (SK), Lina Dzuverovic Russel, Mute/Metamute (UK), Ranka Mullerova, Umelec (CZ), Armin Medosch, Telepolis (DE))

How do web magazines reproduce and/or transcend the form and uni-directionality of print media? In the convergence between internet and print media what new models can be produced that are specific to the (so-called) open, decentralized nature of Hybrid models, extracting existing content from newslogs and listservs, …

21:00-23:00 Supper break

23:00-> Night Program program






9:30-14:00 Streaming Workshops
Coordinators: Zvonimir Zelenika & Adam Hyde

Getting to know the technologies (theory, protocols, clients, servers, authoring)

Netcasting, broadcasting, distributing streams

14:00-17:00 Break

17:00-21:00 Streaming Workshops
Coordinators: Zvonimir Zelenika, Heath Bunting, Thomax Kaulmann, Adam Hyde

Scheduling + designing interfaces

News logs & content management systems


Open Source Streaming Software

21:00-23:00 Supper break

23:00-> Night Program
Marko Peljhan, Ljudmila Hardware Lab
DJ/VJ: Dieter Kovatsits, pd/GEM
Chris Kummerer, Gameboy




FRIDAY, Sept 14


9:30-14.00 Networks, Solutions, Development

Open workshop to propose ideas for future collaborative projects and funding, the formation of new lists and networks, the founding of other art servers, joint software development and know-how exchange ...

14:00-17:00 Break

17.00-21:00 Demo Presentations

Open Source Multimedia Authoring
- sound (Chris Kummerer & Dieter Kovatsits)
- flash (Marcell Mars)

Wireless LAN demo (ASCII)

17:00-> Concrete Stream
(parallel net cast)

23:00-> Night Program program




departure of participants

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