LABinary (HR)
LABinary is a group of 11 young media and technology working in Cultural Center Lamparna in Labin (coastal, ex-industrial city) and promoting diverse and non-centralized activities outside "major" institutions. LABinary works in newspaper and electronic publishing, and organizes events that engage with issues of contemporary life, new media, and alternative culture.

Joanne Richardson (non-located) organizes events and workshops with independent art and cultural spaces in East-Central Europe. She edits subsol (, a webzine that provides a forum to bypass mediation by art "specialists" and develop autonomous networks and exchanges. Nina Czegledy (CN/HU), currently the chair of ISEA, has organized more than 20 international programs over the past years, including several nomadic "Crossing-Over" events, and many workshops on self-managed media.

Co-organizers: (SI)
Ljubljana's famous media lab, actively supports artists, cultural and non-profit organisations in their work through web presence services and assistance in all new media production activities (video and audio especially). (BA) is part of Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Arts and their activities include TV and video production. Through their activities in education and promotion of new media they have established a strong basis for new media art production in Sarajevo.

Multimedia Institute (HR)
Multimedia Institute (mi2) is a net culture club, cybercafe, and meeting space. Together with, a project, it shares resources to provide independent media and new media art projects with solutions for production, and actively supports local initiatives outside Zagreb (Labin, Dubrovnik, Split, Rijeka…)


Manu Luksch, Ambient Information Systems (UK/AT) www.ambientTV.NET
Ambient TV.NET was founded in 1999 as a creative hub for convergence projects, exploring fusion between film, net and 'real-world'-events. Manu Luksch initiated the first Art Servers Unlimited together with Armin Medosch in 1998.

Hrvoje Stanic, Jeremy Bierbach, ASCII (NL)
ASCII (Amsterdam Subversive Code for Information Exchange) is a non-commercial space run by volunteers with salvaged or donated equipment-a squatted "cybercafe," providing free computer facilities and internet access.

Slavo Krekovic, Atrakt Art, ¾ 3/4 Revue (SK)
Atrakt Art (Society for Contemporary Arts and Culture) organizes multimedia events and concents, and is the publisher of ¾ Revue, a bi-monthly magazine covering art, music, new technologies and digital culture.

Maria Riskova, Buryzone (SK)
Buryzone is a self-organized art club and gallery in Bratislava, working since January 2001. It hosts weekly events and presentations, a cafe with alternative currency ... and an idea rental (reading) space.

Tora Krogh, Sylvia Corti, Emanuelle Bozzo, Candida TV (IT)
Candida is a core of 12 people, fusing the experiences of self-managed squatted community centers and technical knowledge in the field of cinema and video production. Currently working on the suburban areas of Rome, teaching people how to use video and computer technologies.

Micz Flor & Christoph Kummerer, C@MP (CZ/AT/DE)
CAMPSITE is a content management system designed for medium- to large-sized online publications. CAMPFIRE, a Java program supporting Unicode fonts, allows contributors and editors to control online-layout features and publish in their native alphabets.

Balazs Beothy, C3 - Center for Culture and Communication (HU)
C3 is a server and media lab in Budapest, focused on innovating experiments and fostering cooperation among spheres of art, science and technology.

Erik Kluitenberg, De Ballie (NL)
De Balie is een befaamd platform voor ieder publiek en voor alle soorten media. Haar activiteiten en programma¹s zijn gehuisvest in het voormalig gerechtshof, vrijwel gelegen aan het Leidseplein te Amsterdam.

Walter van der Crujisen,,, (NL) is an art host since 1995 and uses wiki to support the idea of an open environment. stands for Center for Networking Strategies and is a collaboration between Desk, The Thing network and previously also Internationale Stadt Berlin.

Patrice Riemens, De Waag (NL)
Waag Society for Old and New Media is a knowledge institute operating on the cutting edge of culture and technology in relation to society, education, government and industry.

Vanni Brusadin, D.I.N.A. / Salara (IT)
d-i-n-a is the name of a (still developing) group interested in diffusing knowledge and direct experience on contemporary network aesthetic action.The last d-i-n-a event was organized in Salara, a media space in Bologna that no longer exists.

Tony Prug, (UK)
The Independent Media Center was established by alternative media organizations and activists to provide coverage of WTO protests in Seattle. Through a decentralized and autonomous network, hundreds of media activists have since setup independent media centers in London, Canada, Mexico City, Prague, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, with more to come.

Kestutis Andrasiunas, Institutio Media (LT)
Institutio Media project has been designed as an attempt to transfer an institution
into the Internet and study its functioning in the Web.

Krassimir Terziev, InterSpace (BG)
InterSpace was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1998, as an inter space between art and technology. Its airm are to develop the society of media artists in Bulgaria and enable their international collaboration.

Heath Bunting, (UK)
IRATIONAL.ORG supports independent artists and organisations that need to maintain mission critical information systems. These 'Irationalists' create work
that pushes the boundaries between the corporate realms of business, art and engineering.

Zoran Pantelic & Kristian Lukic,, (YU)
The centre for new media - is a non-profit organization of professional artists, theorists, media activists and informatics engineers. stimulates debates around new media art and creative uses of technology.

Tania Gorucheva, Moscow Media Art Lab (RU)
Media Art Lab is an independent non-profit center, aiming to provide support to new media initiatives in arts and broader cultural sphere in Russia by distribution of information, organizing events, and building up a resource platform.

Lina Dzuverovic-Russell & Simon Worthington, Mute/Metamute (UK)
Mute Magazine is a UK bi-monthly publication and Metamute is the associated website. Mute/ Metamute are working to establish a critical debate around the emerging new media scene and develop a forum in which the established truths of mainstream media debate on technology are challenged.

Thomax Kaulmann & Frank Kunkel, OMA (DE)
The Open Meta Archive, OMA, is a multimedial content management system on the basis of specific detailed information to different media like video, audio, image and text within the database system.

Daniel Molnar, Pararadio (HU)
Pararadio is the first Hungarian Internet-only radio station. Pararadio is a RealAudio in G2, dealing with new technology, new lifestyle, new culture and all that goes with it.

Jan Brueggemeier & Zsolt Barat, PingFM (DE)
Pingfm is a multimedia-band holding regular webcasts every Sunday, with open structured live mixes and programming sessions of audio and video in thematic context. pingfm is a member of dfm rtv Int (

Alexander Baratsits, Radio fro (AT)
Fro is a public access radiostation with focus on cultural and crosscultural projects. The cultural broadcasting archive is an audiodatabase used for program exchange between free radios, especially in Austria and Germany.

Alex Galloway, (US)
Rhizome is a portal of new media art and an online community that facilitates an ongoing dialogue about the emerging social and cultural issues that intersect with contemporary art and emerging technologies.

Hans Bernhard & Dieter Kovacic, Silver Server (AT)
Silver Server is the bigest internet presence provider in Austria supporting the fields of culture, arts, indy media and civil initiatives.

Armin Medosch, Telepolis (UK/DE)
Medosch is co-founder and co-editor of the online magazine Telepolis which deals with issues of net culture and politics, science and media. He initiated the first Art Servers Unlimited together with Manu Luksch in 1998.

Ricardo Domingez, (US)
The Thing BBS presents innovative net art projects and provides a forum for cultural criticism and contemporary art theory. It was founded in 1991 as a bulletin board system, renovated in 1995, when it moved to the web.

Csilla Konczei, Tranzit (RO)
Casa Tranzit was founded in 1998 in an old synagogue in Cluj, by a diverse group, including artists, philosophers, anthopologists, filmmakers ... Its programs include educational seminars, exhibits, video screenings, music events, and community projects like the reconstruction of the street without a name.

Radka Mullerova, Umelec & Nadrazi (CZ)
Umelec is an art and culture magazine, as well as a community. Since the editors understood the magazine as an extension of a community, which is also in need of its own spaces for cultural events, they have recently acquired an unused train station, Nadrazi, which is being transformed into an independent art space.

Nat Muller, V2_Institute for Unstable Media (NL)
V2 fosters experiments in the intersections between art, technology, the media and society by bringing together artists, researchers, social groups and commercial companies, and initiating interdisciplinary work among them.

Pawel Janicki, WRO Center (PL)
WRO is the oldest independent institution (founded in 1989) promoting artistic, cultural, and social activity and education in the field of new media in Poland, as well as supporting international exchanges.

Adam Hyde, radioqualia & Open Streaming Alliance
r a d i o q u a l i a is an online entity exploring the intersections between online communication media and traditional communication media. The Open Streaming Alliance is a network of streaming servers established to give free access to arts, cultural, tactical groups and individuals.

Remote Participants:

Tetsuo Kogawa (Japan),
is the pioneer of the concept of 'micro' or 'molecular' radio. His experiments in building micro FM radio in Tokyo in the early 80s have very much influenced many recent initiatives.

Geert Lovink (AU)

Honor Hager, r a d i o q u a l i a (NZ)

Rasa Smite, Re-lab / RIXC (LV)
re-lab are the pioneers of ozone in Latvia and founders of the international Xchange network (alternative audio projects & net.radiostations.

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