The Communist movement and gay rights: The hidden history



en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mattachine_Society Mattachine adopted the cell structure of the CP, so that you only knew at most 6 other members, in case there was a persecution


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Queer Communism Manifesto 2013 STAB


Leadership Workshop: Counterpolitics, Technological Disobedience and Queering Communism

queering of (tele)communism ? I am interested in looking into heritage and influences of communist ideas to formation of Radical Faeries, but also to historic, recent and contemporary contexts established trans-locally by queers. Can you get in touch if informed and interested in this?


- ... I am -- not (negative definitions are easier) -- ... Theorist or Historian (enthusiast for informed /experienced understanding) -- ... claiming to be QueerCommunist (think one can not be that individually - ?constituency) ...in that respect it is important to be grateful and... - Thank you for showing the interests... - to transmediale - for providing the opportunity - to telekommunisten - for invite and trust

- ... I am/was... -- ... privileged with growing up in SFR Yugoslavia (soft socialism/communism of non-alignment compared to EastBlock, no traumas) -- ... cursed to grow out of it into via war into super-wild neoliberal capitalism (that included neo-nationalism and neo-clericalism, much before any of EU values) -- ... my Background is media art and activism, (bliss of working in semi-protected bubble of progressive people) -- ... where one can socialize and cultivate queerness (but also indulge in queer theory hyper articulation and pacify in cultural niche) -- ... my Foreground has been queering methods (primarily around the Sport - where I spent around 10 years - culminating with exhibition/program at nGbK and KunstraumKreuzberg/Bethanien)

Why is Queering Communism so interesting…and maybe necessary? If you think of Queer (NOT GAY AS IN HAPPY; BUT QUEER AS IN FUCK YOU!) as counter-normalizing politics within sexual and gender minority emancipation, that resist fixture and is transgressing norms in context specific way while as counter-normalizing politics within sexual and gender minority emancipation

Workshop participants will develop political vision and prepare for delivering rousing speeches at the delegate assembly.

Delegate Assembly

At the centennial anniversary of the Russian Revolution, we find ourselves at a critical political crossroads. After decades of neoliberal, austerity politics, endless war and crisis, people are ready for a new political vision for the next century. Come and share your vision! We want to hear from you!

Commemoration Party

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Putilov Strike of 1917 and the ensuing Russian revolution we will have celebration with at a nearby venue, to be announced.

On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 4:55 AM, Bruce Moore wrote: A true observation of that aspect of Harry's and others view of work. There are other economIc and social ideologies that could more appropriately be labeled Communist. These beliefs while not likely widely held today do still exist in the hearts and minds of some faeries. I believe it is a fair statement that most in the movement would more likely embrace the socialist philosophy

Bruce Moore aka Dulse-a-Fae Sackville, New Brunswick

On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 11:27 PM Ben Acovio III wrote: Hi Z,

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