Nat Muller holds a BA from Tel-Aviv University (Israel) in English Literature and an MA in Queer and Gender Theory from Sussex University (UK). She has worked as a sex educator, bookshopkeeper and free-lance journalist writing on the subjects of gender, new media and art. Since January 2000 she is project manager and curator at V2_Organisation, Institute for Unstable Media in Rotterdam and free-lances for Axis, Bureau for Gender and the Arts, for which she recently edited the reader _Ctrl+Shift Art - Ctrl+Shift Gender: Convergences of New Media, Art and Gender_. Nat has published articles in off- and online media, and has given presentations on the subject of media technology, art, and gender (inter)nationally. Currently she is a reseacher at the Theory Department of the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht htpp:// Nat lives and works in Rotterdam and Maastricht, is a shoe aficionado, and is still desperately researching strategies to beat the Dutch bureaucratic system.

To do

  1. set up of mailing list with workshop participants to discuss topics and contextualise workshop
  2. discuss with Maja format, division of tasks based on email exchange with participants
  3. proposal for March: Nat & Guy and roving walter walter
  4. draft budget for Dutch embassy
  5. role ECF????? (Zeljko remind me!)
  6. contact Belgian embassy

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