Perhaps best known as a musician and producer, he's also an artist, professor and thinker. Provocateur, cult figure, cerebral rock star, and studio experimentalist, Brian Eno has greatly influenced an encyclopedia of styles--from art rock to punk to world music to techno to ambient music. A founding member of Roxy Music, he went on to work as a solo artist and a producer/collaborator with U2, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Sting, Bono, and others. In other media, his music sometimes appears in films (Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Heat), television programs and commercials.

Brian Eno's career encompasses music, writing, lecturing, teaching and the visual arts. He has released a series of critically acclaimed albums and is one of the most significant record producers of our age. As well as his own albums, Eno has collaborated with the likes of John Cale, Nico, Robert Fripp, David Bowie and the band 'James'. His production credits span from Gavin Bryars and Talking Heads to U2 and Laurie Anderson. A pioneer in tape-looping, electronics and other forms of sonic manipulation with an unusual, strategic approach to music-making, he has an ability to help artists explore new areas. His audio/visual work has been shown around the world, a total of 80 or so exhibitions to date. These include the 1995 Self Storage commission, with Laurie Anderson, for Artangel and Civic Recovery Centre Proposal (Quiet Club) which appeared in 2000 at the Hayward Gallery. His most recent installation, Compact Forest Proposal was commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for their '010101 Art in Technological Times' exhibition in March last year.

Eno finished producing U2's award winning album All that you can't leave behind, in 2000 and is currently working with J. Peter Schwalm. He also expects to release an album of his own music later this year and is working towards introducing his Quiet Clubs into public spaces. ^"I've been making what I think of as a form of musical painting, visual and aural experiences that unfold in much the same way as my Ambient' music Quiet Clubs - the kind of club I'd like to go to."

Eno is a Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art in London and has an Honorary Doctorate in Technology from Plymouth University. He was recently awarded an Honorary Professorship by the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. He is a member of Global Business Network, the Longplayer thinktank, and a patron of the Institute of Contemporary Arts as well as a founder of The Long Now Foundation.

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